Graduate Council

The Graduate School

The Graduate Council is the university-wide body responsible for approving all procedures, regulations, and curriculum matters affecting graduate students and programs.

2022-23 Meetings (Open), 3 p.m., currently to be held virtually at

September 19, 2022                      January 16, 2023

October 17, 2022                           February 20, 2023

November 21, 2022                       March 20, 2023

                                                           April 17, 2023


Graduate Council's agenda and minutes for the previous academic years are located here.


Graduate Faculty Nominations/Renewal Form is to be completed before the faculty is to begin instruction and 10 days before the next Graduate Council meeting.


Curriculum and Program Proposals
To propose a new or revised course (Course Proposal form) or new or altered program (Program Proposal form), you will need to go to the Academic Affairs Forms webpage (Academic Affairs website). Read the directions and select the appropriate webform. Completed webforms in Curriculog, with all electronic approvals up to the Dean of The Graduate School (registrar, provost, etc.), must be ready for the Graduate Council review by Friday, 10 days before the Graduate Council meeting during which the proposal is to be considered.


Graduate Council Membership, 2022-23

  • Dr. Irene Pittman Aiken, Chair and Dean of The Graduate School
  • Dr. Whitney Akers, Clinical Mental Health Counseling  
  • Dr. Suzanne Altobello, Member-at-large      
  • Dr. Gary Anderson, Public Administration
  • Dr. Jeff Bolles, Business Administration    
  • Ms. Christine Bell, Secretary                                
  • Dr. Serina Cinnamon, Social Studies Education           
  • Ms. Susan Edkins, Athletic Training                 
  • Dr. Kelly Ficklin, Elementary Education                     
  • Dr. Rita Hagevik, Science Education  
  • Dr. Veronica Hardy, Member-at-large                             
  • Dr. Julie Harrison-Swartz, Nursing    
  • Dr. Francis Kozub, Sport Administration             
  • Dr. Roger Ladd, English Education
  • Dr. Naomi Lifschitz-Grant, Art Education
  • Dr. Cindy Locklear, Social Work
  • Dr. Jonathan Ricks, Professional School Counseling
  • Dr. Marisa Scott, Special Education
  • Dr. Heather Kim Sellers, Reading Education
  • Ms. Hillary Sessions, Math Education
  • Dr. Thomas Trendowski, Physical Education
  • Dr. Velinda Woriax, Member-at-large
  • Dr. Bryan Winters, School Administration
  • GSO President or designee