Writing Center About Us

The mission of the University Writing Center is to foster effective writing strategies that will not only help writers with their current assignments, but also build foundations for success in future academic and professional writing situations.

 What You Can Expect from the Writing Center

During your consultation you can expect to have the full attention of one of our tutors. We are UNC Pembroke students who are strong writers and attentive readers and have been specifically trained for peer-to-peer consultations. We strive to create an intellectually engaging, non-judgemental, and respectful environment for writers of all skill levels.

Each tutor at the Writing Center is equipped to work with writers from all UNCP courses, focusing on purpose, audience, and the effective communication of ideas through writing. Writing Center consultations can focus on any stage of the writing process--brainstorming, planning, drafting, revising, or proofreading--and are based around collaborative conversation and problem solving. Our goal is to work collaboratively with writers and offer our feedback as knowledgeable readers, not to ‘fix’ every mistake in a paper. Our general approach is to prioritize global aspects of the paper like focus, organization, and development over sentence-level style and correctness. We understand that sentences are important, though, and when we do focus on sentence-level issues we work carefully with writers to develop their own editing and proofreading skills. We also support writers in such tasks as accessing library databases, word processing, formatting, implementing various citation styles, creating presentations and research posters, and other aspects of academic communication. We suggest that writers bring their assignment sheets and any other relevant material with them to their consultations so that we can fully understand the writing situation.

While we most often work one-on-one with writers, we also offer consultations to writers working on group projects, and we make a special effort to create a collaborative session that fosters teamwork. We recommend that students working on group papers come to the Writing Center as a whole group and that they make an hour-long appointment. This way, we can provide feedback on the paper as a whole and engage the whole group in a productive conversation about the paper. We work with groups at our round table, near a StarBoard projector that is available for groups to use for collaborative writing, revising, and editing.

As a final note, our Writing Center tutors cannot discuss or guarantee grades. While students who use the Writing Center often are pleased with the grades that they earn and the progress they make as writers, the quality of the paper is ultimately the writer’s responsibility.

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