Information for Faculty

Writing Center

How do I let students know about the University Writing Center?

Request a set of bookmarks. Email with your name, department, and number of students in your class. We will send a set of bookmarks through campus mail which include important information for students about the University Writing Center.

Request an informational visit for your classroom. Email us at to request an informational visit. One or two University Writing Center staff members will give a five minute informational talk about our services and pass out a set of bookmarks.

How do I include the University Writing Center in my syllabus?

Encourage students to visit the University Writing Center. Let students know about the University Writing Center using one of the methods above. In your syllabus, encourage them to come during the planning or drafting stages of their writing. Encourage struggling students to visit the Writing Center, but remember, ALL writers can benefit from our services.

Give extra credit for University Writing Center visits. Let students know that they can earn extra credit for visiting the University Writing Center. Ask them to request an Instructor Notification Form, which they can turn in to you for credit.