Meet the Consultants


Each consultant has a unique set of skills and interests that equip them to help you in your writing process. Get to know them below!


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Alyse (Ally)

Hello! My name is Alyse, or Ally for short. I am a junior here at UNCP and majoring in Elementary Education with a concentration in Sociology. During my free time I love to read, draw, and write. Writing has been my favorite hobby since I was young and I am excited to share the joy I have for it with others! Most of my experience is with creative writing and research papers, but I am happy to help with any style of writing you bring to the table. Some parts of the writing process I especially enjoy working on include brainstorming, organization, structure, and more. I look forward to working with you!


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Hey y'all! My name is Clavaria Jefferys, but mostly everyone calls me Clo for short. I am a current junior majoring in English education with a concentration in middle grades. Although this is my first year working with the writing center, I have a bit of experience in brainstorming and formulating a solid thesis. Just because these are my main areas of interest in writing I am adept and able to assist in all other technical elements to ensure the maximum success of a paper, which include preserving the writer's voice above all else. Besides working with the writing center, I am also employed with the UNCP LEAD Fellows serving as the social media liaison. When I'm not busy being a student employee for our school, I can be found napping, reading, or going on impromptu adventures with my friends. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with the people I love most, especially my niece and nephew who I like to call my spoiled little best friends :) Other than all that, I love having down time to just chill and watch a good movie or binge a dope show. I am beyond excited to begin this new journey in helping y'all the best way I know!

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Hi everyone! I'm Elise, or Dr. Dixon if you are so inclined. I am the writing center director here at UNCP. I've been working in writing centers since I was an undergraduate student myself, which means I've been tutoring for over a decade. I love working in the writing center because I love to learn new things from the clients I work with, and show people how much they already know about writing. I especially love to work on professional documents like CVs, cover letters, and statements of purpose, but am adept at helping you make the coolest powerpoint you've ever made. My research focus is in queer and feminist theory, so hit me with those gender papers! When I'm not in the writing center, I am enjoying fried chicken Friday in the cafeteria.  

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Hello! My name is Elizabeth Gagne' (she/her/hers), although I go by my last name Gagne' (gahn-Yay). I am the Graduate Assistant for the Writing Center. I recently obtained my Masters in English Education. I have my BA in English, a BS in Mass Communications, and a Creative Writing Minor. I am hoping to continue my education and receive my doctorate in English. My life goal is to work within a university writing center as a director or teach at a college level. I am proficient in MLA, but I have background knowledge in AP and APA. While I like helping students during all aspects of the writing process, I especially like to help students with research and brainstorming to help them develop a strong foundation for their writing. I also like to help students with CVs/Resumes, Personal Statements, etc.

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Hey y’all! My name is Morgan Linn Brown (she/her/hers), but you are more than welcome to call me Mo or Linn. I was born and raised in Pembroke—the y’all isn’t to be cool I have a very deep country accent. I am currently an undergraduate in my junior year pursuing a double major in Political Science and Spanish. All my life I have been enthralled with reading, writing, and language. I consider myself to be an outgoing and friendly person (think big sister energy), therefore there aren’t too many subjects—both personally and academically—that I’m hesitant to approach. This being said, my majors have made me extremely comfortable with papers that are rooted in analysis, argument, and research, as well as super nerve-wracking presentations. But, please, bring me as many creative writing pieces as your heart desires! I can’t wait to work together with you! : )

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My name is Lakota and this is my final semester at UNCP. I am double majoring in English: Professional Writing Emphasis and Mass Communication: Broadcasting. My main area of interest is creative writing, but I am open to reviewing and reading all types of writings and genres! I love working with content, paragraph/sentence structure, and brainstorming about new ideas and concepts. I look forward to working with everyone this year and learning more about writing as we navigate this semester!

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Salutations to all! My name is Lily Monaghan, and I'm a political science and sociology senior. Since January 2020, I've been a writing tutor here and I have loved every minute of it!! Brainstorming essay topics with students is one of my favorite parts of the writing process. Not only am I able to assist you in narrowing down your topic, but I will also be learning something new. Not only do I assist in brainstorming, but I also specialize in formatting papers in the APA and ASA styles. Outside of academics, I enjoy writing, singing, learning the ukulele, and engaging in self-care activities. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have learned to take time out of my day to focus on my needs.

Please come to me if you have any APA, ASA, or brainstorming concerns!

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My name is Mahmood Faraj, my major is English literature, and I am a junior. Some of the stuff I enjoy writing about are reviews on articles regarding world issues like global warming, desertification, world hunger and any other topics which involve bringing awareness to these situations. The type of writing which I like to work with is MLA style essays. Special Skills which I possess in the language field are reading, writing, listening and writing skills. For technical skills, I am good at using Microsoft word, I enjoy journalism and editing. What I enjoy doing in my free time is writing reviews about movies, reading, playing video games, and learning about world history. 

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Hello! My name is Shannon and I am a senior here at UNCP. My major is English with a Literary focus and writing is one of my greatest passions. I would be happy to assist you on brainstorming, grammar, MLA and APA format, research and developing a clear thesis for your paper. I also love helping out with other assignments like designing PowerPoints and creating posters/brochures. In my free time I parent three cats, love watching horror movies and taking dance classes. Let's have fun learning all we can!

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Hello everyone! My name is Roland Pruitt, and I am a senior at UNCP, majoring in history. Come see me if you need help in a research paper, argumentative or persuasive essay, those are the areas of writing that I am strongest in. The type of writing I enjoy reading the most is anything opinionated, as I like considering differing opinions to critique and learn more about what people are thinking about the world. When I am not writing, I enjoy reading old books, and playing games with old friends. My current life goal is to become a community college history instructor. Please do not be afraid to come see me, I will be glad to help!

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Hi! My name is Zaveyan and I’m a Junior and English Literature major here at UNCP! As a tutor I specialize particularly in brainstorming and helping others pick out their topics, finding places to elaborate and expand upon their thoughts in their papers. Working with literature as a major, I’m very accustomed to working with research, analysis, and argumentative papers, so I would say I also have a good deal of variety when it comes to what I can help with. I can primarily help with MLA format, and although I’m not an expert on other citation styles like APA or Chicago, I’m open to doing my best to learn about them and help in any way I can when working with them. I can also just provide a listening ear and pair of eyes for when you want to make sure your paper sounds and looks good when you hear it out loud.