Meet the Consultants


Each consultant has a unique set of skills and interests that equip them to help you in your writing process. Get to know them below!


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Hello! My name is Amanda Brownsberger (She/Her/Hers) and I am an English Literature major. My strengths lie in drafting and editing essays, research papers, annotated bibliographies, and other research-based papers. I already have experience with MLA and APA, but I can brush up on whatever citation style you use as long as you give me a heads up first. My favorite papers to work on are literature reviews, so bring them my way! When I’m not at the center, I’m probably crocheting and binge-watching or playing video games. Anyway, I don’t bite, so don’t be afraid to book an appointment.

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Hey, colleagues and potential clients! My name is Elijah, but I typically go by Eli. I am a senior at UNCP, and I am majoring in professional writing with a minor concentration in creative writing. Speaking of which, ever since I was able to put pen to paper, I have been in love with the written word. Whenever I’m not writing, I enjoy doing things like reading, playing games, watching television (mainly anime), and exercising. My favorite pastime would be sleeping or, in other words, “resting my eyes” whenever I’m supposed to be working on an assignment for school. I consider myself one of the laziest intelligent people I know, but I promise my work ethic in the writing center does all but reflect that sentiment! I pledge, to the best of my ability, to assist you and improve your writing in whatever manner is necessary.

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Hi everyone! I'm Elise, or Dr. Dixon if you are so inclined. I am the writing center director here at UNCP. I've been working in writing centers since I was an undergraduate student myself, which means I've been tutoring for over a decade. I love working in the writing center because I love to learn new things from the clients I work with, and show people how much they already know about writing. I especially love to work on professional documents like CVs, cover letters, and statements of purpose, but am adept at helping you make the coolest powerpoint you've ever made. My research focus is in queer and feminist theory, so hit me with those gender papers! When I'm not in the writing center, I am enjoying fried chicken Friday in the cafeteria.  

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Hello! My name is Elizabeth Gagne', although I go by my last name Gagne' (gahn-Yay). I am the Graduate Assistant for the Writing Center. I am in my last semester of my Masters program English Education with a thesis concentration. I have my BA in English, a BS in Mass Communications, and a Creative Writing Minor. I am hoping to go continue my education and receive my doctorate in English. My life goal is to be a college teacher/professor. I am proficient in MLA and AP Style. My favorite author is Edgar Allen Poe and I am an avid video gamer. 


Hello, my name is Drew. I’m currently in my senior semester and am majoring in professional writing. I have a particular interest in papers that are based in either history or literature. I’m also able to assist you with any grammatical or technical needs that you may have as well. Always remember that the sooner you can bring your paper into the writing center, the better!

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My name is Lakota and this is my fourth year at UNCP. I am double majoring in English: Professional Writing Emphasis and Mass Communication: Broadcasting. My main area of interest is creative writing, but I am open to reviewing and reading all types of writings and genres! I love working with content, paragraph/sentence structure, and brainstorming about new ideas and concepts. I look forward to working with everyone this year and learning more about writing as we navigate this semester!

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Hey everyone, my name is Lily! I am a senior who is double majoring in political science and sociology. I am in the accelerated BA-MPA program. I love singing, writing, dabbling around with the ukulele, and messing with my dogs. At the writing center I enjoy working with students of all majors and wrapping my brain around something completely new! I have the most experience with brainstorming, APA, and the formulation of research papers. Make an appointment with me if you need help with any part of the research process or writing the paper itself. I am always here to help 😊 

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Hey there, I’m Shannon! I am a junior at UNCP with a major in English with a Literary focus. I’m applying soon for grad school in the same major. I love to brainstorm, develop thesis’s, and help with sentence structure and more. Besides that, I love a cup of tea and a good book while cuddling with my fur baby kitten, Simon, —you will see a lot of him in our online appointments! Let’s have some fun while learning all we can!