Meet the Consultants


Each consultant has a unique set of skills and interests that equip them to help you in your writing process. Get to know them below!


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Hi! My name is Lara. My pronouns are she/they and I am a junior here at UNCP majoring in social work with a minor in psychology. I'm also a Peer Academic Leader and love to help my mentees become the best versions of themselves, including helping them with their writing. I can help with brainstorming, APA format, or simply reading over your paper to make sure everything sounds good before turning it in. I love working on papers with a focus on social issues such as social work, psychology, and sociology but am more than willing to help with anything you may need assistance on. When I'm not in the writing center, you can find me reading or hanging out with my friends. I am excited to work with you all :) 

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Alyse (Ally)

Hey everyone! My name’s Alyse, or some people call me Ally. I’m excited to work with you all this semester. I’m a senior here at UNCP majoring in Elementary Education with a concentration in Sociology. I love all things writing, and I love working with students in a way that highlights and welcomes their inner writer to each session. My favorite things to work on include providing feedback on organization, brainstorming, and thesis building. I prefer APA, but I can assist you with other formatting options as well. In my free time I like to do anything creative, spend time in nature, and play my Switch. I look forward to meeting you all. Have a good semester!

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What’s up, beautiful people! I am Clavaria, more affectionately known as Clo. I'm a third-year writing consultant and a current senior majoring in English with an emphasis in literary studies. Being that this isn’t my first rodeo working in the Writing Center I've found I like to have a deal in a little bit of everything but mainly thesis statements, sentence structure, and MLA formatting. Although those are my preferred levels of interest I'm always willing and able to assist in any other areas necessary; we’ll figure it out together :) I’m a pretty lowkey person so when I’m not in the center you can usually find me working with the CEL Office as a LEAD Fellow or just going with the flow of the day when class or work isn’t in session. If you ever see me around campus don’t hesitate to speak! I absolutely love meeting new people and helping others in any way I can. Definitely looking forward to working and meeting y’all this year! 

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Hi everyone! I'm Diana. I am a Sophomore double majoring in criminal justice and sociology. I like to work on narrative essays with students. I am collaborative, non-judgmental, and friendly! When I'm not in the center, I work as a student supervisor and tutor for the Center of Student Success. I also play clarinet in the UNCP Pep Band. In my free time, I draw and paint on canvases. 

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Hi everyone! I'm Elise, or Dr. Dixon if you are so inclined. I am the writing center director here at UNCP. I've been working in writing centers since I was an undergraduate student myself, which means I've been tutoring for over a decade. I love working in the writing center because I love to learn new things from the clients I work with, and show people how much they already know about writing. I especially love to work on professional documents like CVs, cover letters, and statements of purpose, but am adept at helping you make the coolest powerpoint you've ever made. My research focus is in queer and feminist theory, so hit me with those gender papers! When I'm not in the writing center, I am enjoying fried chicken Friday in the cafeteria.  

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Hey! I’m Emma (She/her) and I am a Junior psychology major with a social welfare minor. I love to help students with organization and brainstorming as well as citations. I can help you with any type of paper you may be struggling with, however I am best with assignments from the social science and English departments. In my free time I do a lot of work for my student organization: Spectrum. I also love to read and I am a freelance makeup artist. I look forward to working with you! 

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Hey y’all! My name is Morgan Linn Brown (she/her/hers), but you are more than welcome to call me Mo or Linn. I was born and raised in Pembroke—the y’all isn’t to be cool I have a very deep country accent. I am currently an undergraduate in my senior year pursuing a double major in Political Science and Spanish. All my life I have been enthralled with reading, writing, and language. I consider myself to be an outgoing and friendly person (think big sister energy), therefore there aren’t too many subjects—both personally and academically—that I’m hesitant to approach. This being said, my majors have made me extremely comfortable with papers that are rooted in analysis, argument, and research, as well as super nerve-wracking presentations. But, please, bring me as many creative writing pieces as your heart desires! I can’t wait to work together with you! : )

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Hey everyone! My name is Kai and my pronouns are he/him/his. I’m your Writing Center Tutor and Orientation Leader. I am originally from New Bern, NC and love the beach. I am an undergraduate and I major in Biology and concentrate in Zoology. I love anything science, including scientific writings, but I also have a secret passion for writings in social work and literature. I can help with APA & MLA. Outside of the Writing Center and academics, I love to workout, play my kalimba, draw, and read. Do not hesitate to contact me; I am willing to help you all!

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Pronouns: He/Him

Hi! My name is Noah (he/him). I am currently in the first semester of my junior year. I am a mass communications major with a concentration in journalism and my minor is in English. I can help with brainstorming, MLA formatting, citations, and sentence structure. Over the course of my education, I have gained a lot of experience in writing many different kinds of papers. I am best at expository, argumentative, and literature papers, but I am ready and willing to help with anything you may need! When I am not in the writing center, you can find me cooking, reading, or playing video games. I also write poetry and short stories whenever I can find the time. I look forward to seeing you in the center! Have a great semester, and happy writing!

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Hello everyone! My name is Shannon. I am exicted to have the opportunity to work with students all across campus. I am a graduate student in the counseling department with a concentration in clinical mental health counseling. I love working on research papers with students that focus on mental health and anything dealing with human behavior. I like to work on brainstorming, sentence structure, and APA style. However, I am open to other writing styles and willing to help others gain a better writing experience. In my free time I enjoy exploring nature and traveling to unfamiliar places. I hope everyone has an amazing semester!

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Hi! My name is Zaveyan and I’m a Senior and English Literature major here at UNCP! As a tutor I specialize particularly in brainstorming and helping others pick out their topics, finding places to elaborate and expand upon their thoughts in their papers. Working with literature as a major, I’m very accustomed to working with research, analysis, and argumentative papers, so I would say I also have a good deal of variety when it comes to what I can help with. I can primarily help with MLA format, and although I’m not an expert on other citation styles like APA or Chicago, I’m open to doing my best to learn about them and help in any way I can when working with them. I can also just provide a listening ear and pair of eyes for when you want to make sure your paper sounds and looks good when you hear it out loud.