Writing Center About Us

The mission of the University Writing Center is to foster effective writing strategies that will not only help writers with their current assignments, but also build foundations for success in future academic and professional writing situations.

What You Can Expect from the Writing Center

During your consultation you can expect to have the full attention of one of our tutors. We are UNC Pembroke students who are strong writers and attentive readers and have been specifically trained for peer-to-peer consultations. We strive to create an intellectually engaging, respectful, and welcoming environment for writers of all skill levels.

Our goals are: 

  • Work with writers from all UNC Pembroke courses focusing on purpose, audience, and clarity. 
  • Work with writers at any point in their writing process from brainstorming through polishing.
  • Work collaboratively by providing writers with choices to make about their work. 

Our general approach is to prioritize global aspects of the paper like focus, organization, and development over sentence-level style and correctness. When working at the sentence level, we work carefully with writers to develop their own editing and proofreading skills. We suggest that writers bring their assignment sheets and any other relevant material with them to their consultations so that we can fully understand the writing situation.

Appointment FAQs: 

  • Writers can book appointments up to two weeks in advance. 
  • Writers can book appointments in 30 and 60 minute increments.  (Consultants will end sessions after 25 minutes or 55 minutes to allow time to complete paperwork before the next session.)
  • Writers can book up to 180 minutes of appointments per week. 
  • Writers can book two appointments per day, but those appointments cannot be back to back. 
  • To avoid a No-show appointments must be cancelled 60 minutes prior to the appointment time. 
  • After 3 No-shows a writer's account will be disabled. They need to meet with center director Dr. Elise Dixon to have their account enabled. 
  • All members of a group should be present to work on a project. 
  • Consultants will not discuss or guarantee a grade. While writers who use the Writing Center often are pleased with the grades that they earn and the progress they make as writers, the quality of the paper is ultimately the writer’s responsibility.
  • Consultants will point out any academic integrity violations they see; however, the integrity of the paper is ultimately the writer's responsibility. 


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