Nation Building

To foster reciprocity and assist tribal communities in their own nation building, the Southeast American Indian Studies (SAIS) program will seek input from tribal communities and governments regarding their needs while encouraging the utilization of SAIS and UNCP resources. The program will encourage tribal governments and communities to use these resources to facilitate relationships between themselves, UNCP, other tribes and researchers, as well as government and non-government agencies. SAIS will also encourage student and faculty research that will serve as a cornerstone for nation building and outreach.

"Voices of the Lumbee" Documentary

Produced by UNC Pembroke professors Jason Hutchens (Mass Communication) and Michele Fazio (English, Theatre, and Foreign Languages), "Voices of the Lumbee" is a documentary film that raises awareness about the ongoing struggles of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina in the wake of decades of economic downturn in the coastal plains region. The narrative thread weaves through historical and cultural aspects of the Lumbee Tribe that have led to modern-day socioeconomic challenges faced by Robeson County, North Carolina—the home of the Lumbee. Individuals and groups committed to improving conditions in the area share their efforts to bring positive change to the region. Despite decades of economic and political struggles, the Lumbee continue to uphold a strong sense of pride and devotion for their culture. Told through their voices, this is their story.