Position Name Department E-Mail Phone
Chair Emily Oxendine The Graduate School

Vice-Chair Sharon Blue Center for Student Success 910.521.6662
Secretary/Treasurer Teresa Bryant Chancellor 910.775.4616
Parliamentarian Jennifer Brooks Registrar 910.521.6874
Chair-Elect Jaelyn Wynn Student Health Services 910.775.4671



Name Department E-mail Phone
Christina Reaves Registrar/Brave Central 910.521.6298
Derek Oxendine University College 910.521.6401
Kaye Fraley

Title IX & Clery Compliance

Melissa McLean

Operations & Maintenance  
Kelley Koch Human Resources 910.775.4046

Rhonda Locklear

Human Resources 910.775.4738
Micheal Baxley

Auxiliary Business Services 910.775.4198
Natural Love Community and Civic Engagement 910.775.4719
Jade Jones

Fraternity and Sorority Life 910.775.4668
Rebecca Kenney Campus Engagement and Leadership 910.521.6482