Cyber Defense Center External Advisory Board

The Department of Computer Science solicits programmatic guidance from the established external advisory board, which represents alumni and partners in industry, government, academia, and other organizations on vision, goals, cyber defense center sustenance, and CS/IT/CYBER curriculum improvement.

The purpose of the External Advisory Board is listed below:

  • Provide valuable suggestions on aligning our curricula with skills and practices needed in the current job market
  • Provide critical assessment of the computing and network facilities at the department.
  • Promote opportunities for our students for internships and full-time employment placement
  • Provide opportunities for our students to interact with industry, non-profit, and government professionals
  • Provide opportunities for the students and faculty to participate in joint projects and research


Calvin Locklear, Architect, Red Hat Solutions

Laura Rodgers, Director of Cybersecurity Practice, North Carolina State University

LTC Bernard Flowers, NORAD and USNORTHCOM liaison to the U.S. NSA

Mike Gorman, Head of Operations and CISO, NetFoundry

Zach Oxendine, Service Engineer, Microsoft

Elizabeth Coakley Guma, Director of Corporate Development, Corvid Technologies

Please contact if your company is interested in forming an educational partnership with us. Some of the potential involvement opportunities include, but are not limited to: