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The Cybersecurity degree program focuses on the application of computer and information technology security. Featuring in-depth threat and impact analysis, our mission is to educate students with the necessary skills for the design, implementation, and evaluation of computing-based solutions to address information security threats. Our specialized curriculum ethically applies both offensive and defensive computer security techniques all while advancing our students’ marketability for employment in the high-demand cybersecurity field after graduation.


  • Promote the National Center of Academic Excellence-Cyber Defense Education (NCAE-CDE) initiative by producing more cybersecurity workforce in the region.  
  • Provide experiential & applied learning opportunities for the enrichment of IT and cybersecurity education across the curriculum.
  • Engage student participation in cyber studies and applied research 
  • provide collaboration opportunities among students, faculty, staff, public and private institutions, and all interested parties in cyber technologies
  • Develop partnerships and alliances with defense organizations and business industries to pursue joint research and grant opportunities. 
  • Support service-based learning to improve literacy rates in the region 
  • Encourage student engagement in cyber competitions
CAE in Cybersecurity Community
CAE in Cybersecurity Community

CAE in Cybersecurity Community:

CAE in Cybersecurity Community is dedicated to cultivating proficient cybersecurity experts for the protection of the U.S. national infrastructure. CAE in cybersecurity community provides a range of educational resources—covering curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular aspects—along with opportunities for professional development, collaboration, insights into upcoming cybersecurity initiatives, and updates on trends and best practices in cybersecurity.

Degree Programs
Degree Programs

Degree Programs:

The Department of Computer Science offers several high-quality degree programs at the undergraduate level that meets the above-specified goals supported by student-centered faculty.

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CAE-CD POS Validation

Program of Study (PoS) Validation:

The BS in Information Technology, Cybersecurity Track program has been successfully validated by the NSA and a committee of NCAE-CDE academic peers and CAE-CD designation extends through 2028. The following are the required PoS courses that are aligned/mapped to CAE-defined Knowledge Units (KUs). 

Meet Our Faculty

Our dynamic faculty are committed to student success through personalized teaching and an environment of free inquiry. Look here to find CS/IT/Cyber faculty research expertise and contact details.


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We are dedicated to encourage student participation in extracurricular creative activities by sharing a space to collaborate on hackathons, coding and capture-the-flag competitions and more! 

ACM Student Chapter 


We value our responsibility and commitment to provide cyber defense educational opportunities in the local region and beyond through partnerships and extension services.

Community Engagement 

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Each UNCP employee has the responsibility to remain abreast of the threats and tactics to protect UNCP from disruption by cyber attackers. Hence, security awareness trainings are  mandatory.

Institutional Resources 


The mission of the External Advisory Board is to provide council and feedback for the sustenance of cybersecurity degree programs and active accreditations and strategic resources management.

Meet the Board 

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An archive that highlights cybersecurity and interdisciplinary news, events, opportunities, stories of UNCP students, alumni, faculty and staff who are making an impact.

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