Work Station

Work Restrictions:

F-1 and J-1 students are considered to be working 20 hours a week on campus if they hold a halftime teaching/research assistantship. Additional appointments, supplemental pay, or additional pay for hours worked beyond the 20 hour per week maximum will violate a student's immigration status.

On-campus employment is defined as physically on the campus of UNCP. This excludes work for private companies on campus, private tutoring, or other services provided to students or faculty even if the activity takes place on campus. Off-campus employment – and services provided to companies where payment comes from an off-campus source - must be authorized in advance in the form of OPT, CPT (F-1), Academic Training (J-1), or some other allowable mechanism.

F-1 Students

F-1 students do not need written authorization from UNCP's Office of Global Engagement to engage in part-time employment (not to exceed 20 hours per week) on campus when it is “incident” to their status and they are maintaining their lawful F-1 status. On-campus employment can be full-time during Summer for students who plan to enroll for the fall semester and as long as the employment begins after the graduation date for the spring semester and ends prior to the first day of classes for the fall semester. Employment may not result in a delay of program completion (with a need to request a program extension), loss of good academic standing, loss of full-time enrollment, etc. The Office of Global Engagement does not approve or certify on-campus employment for students in F-1 status.


J-1 Students

J-1 students DO need specific written employment authorization from their J-1 program sponsor. Students whose program sponsor is the UNCP Office of Global Engagement can easily request employment authorization in one year increments by submitting the J-1 Student On-Campus Employment Authorization Request Form.


Finding a Job:

There are many departments on campus that hire students. The most productive method to finding an on campus job is to go to the different departments and simply ask if they have any student positions open. The Career Center web page also offers information about on campus jobs.


Taxes and Social Security:

Once hired, international students must make an appointment with the Foreign National Tax Specialist in the Payroll Office to complete one or two additional tax withholding forms. This is necessary so that the University correctly withholds the appropriate amount of taxes for the student and they are not charged more than required.  

In order to accept salary or wage payment from U.S.-based source, it is necessary to obtain a Social Security Number.