Dual degree program Geoscience/Engineering

Press Release: The extended 3+2 Dual degree program leads to a bachelors degree in Geo-Environmental Studies from UNCP and a bachelors degree in Civil or Environmental Engineering from NCSU.

Students interested in the intersection of geoscience and civil or environmental engineering now have the opportunity complete a dual degree program that will lead to a degree in Geoscience through Geo-Environmental Studies at UNCP and Civil Engineering or Environmental Engineering at NCSU.

In this Dual Degree program, also known as a 3+2, students complete the requirements for a bachelor's degree in Geo-Environmental Studies (Geoscience track) at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke followed by a bachelor's degree in Civil or Environmental Engineering at North Carolina State University. The program consists of three years in the UNCP Department of Geology and Geography and two years in the NCSU Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering (CCEE) and students receive degrees from both UNCP and NCSU upon the successful completion of all requirements. 

By the end of the junior year at UNCP, the student must have completed all of the on-campus requirements for the Geoscience concentration of UNCP's Bachelor of Science in Geo-Environmental Studies with an GPA of 3.0 to guarantee admission to the NCSU Civil Engineering or Environmental Engineering program. In order to complete the dual degree program in a timely manner students in-residence at UNCP should plan to take certain required courses during the summer or at NCSU in the CCEE. The Bachelor of Science in Geo-Environmental Studies and the Bachelor of Science in Engineering share requirements and are therefore both awarded at upon the completion of all requirements which should take five years. 

At the beginning of your last semester of required classes at UNCP, you must speak with your advisor to submit an application for admission to NCSU through the program coordinator at UNCP.

It should be noted that students may choose to exit the dual degree program at any time and remain at UNCP in their chosen major.

During the UNCP freshman orientation, a special session is held for the 3+2 Dual Degree program in engineering. All students interested in the program should attend this session.