What to look forward to at NCSU

There are many opportunities for students who complete the dual degree program in Geo-Environmental Studies @ UNCP and Civil or Environmental Engineering @ NCSU. Talk to a faculty member in the Department of Geology and Geography about these opportunities here at UNCP.

At NCSU, you will be able to complete your dual degree by choosing to earn a bachelors in either Civil Engineering or Environmental Engineering

The NCSU Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering (CCEE) also maintains a number of research interests that will link your geology/geoscience concentration at UNCP with engineering, such as:

Finally, for those students interested in also gaining a Masters degree in their selected field, you can take advantage of CCEE's Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s which will only add 2-3 semesters beyond the completion of the requirements for the dual bachelors degrees. This means that in as little as six years you could complete two bachelors degrees and a masters degree.