Geoscience Track

Geology is the study of the Earth.

The Geoscience Track in the Bachelor of Science in Geo-Environmental Studies offers students a course of study that focuses on aspects of Geology.

Geologists study the physical makeup of the Earth and its history. Some of the specialties in this field and the topics they focus on are:

  • Environmental Geology: problems of pollution, waste disposal, flooding and other natural hazards
  • Hydrogeology: the abundance and distribution of groundwater
  • Mineralogy and Petrology: the origin and history of minerals and rocks
  • Paleontology: fossils and the development of life through time
  • Petroleum Geology: exploration for oil and natural gas
  • Seismology: earthquakes and the interior structure of the Earth

Employment in Geology

The employment outlook for geoscientists is positive due to decreasing energy, mineral, and water resources.

The largest employers of geoscientists are industries related to petroleum, minerals exploration, and water resources. Many geoscientists also work for federal and state government agencies. Others trained in the geosciences teach in high schools and colleges.