Student Organizations

The following clubs and organizations are associated with the Department of English, Theatre, and Foreign Languages.


Sigma Tau Delta is the International English Honor Society. It seeks to award academic excellence, foster cultural stimulation on college campuses and promote interest in literature and the English language in surrounding communities, and promote literacy. Our chapter has begun to focus on literacy in adolescents, an often under served population. You do not need to be an English Major to join: you just need to have taken 2 English classes beyond Freshman Composition with a B average or above.   


Foreign Languages:

“La voz” is a part of the Spanish degree program and run by students focusing on Spanish with a licensure to teach, typically when they are in their last semester of classes. “La voz” has two main goals: to help spread Hispanic knowledge and provide students with guidance if they are struggling with any Spanish class or work, particularly by providing a space to practice their Spanish verbal skills. The group provides an important service by offering students a chance to exercise their language skills in a public setting as well as creatively apply their knowledge of Spanish-speaking cultures.

The Chinese Club won The Values Based Leadership Award of 2014 and The Chancellor’s Cup of 2014.  Our president, Dana Reijerkerk, won the Emerging Leader Award.  Most of the students who join are from Chinese language classes and are devoted to developing and promoting the cultural awareness throughout the UNCP campus. They always bring questions of Chinese culture to me every time before their meeting. As the advisor of the Chinese Club, I am very happy to give them more help and support. All our events are designed to benefit both domestic and international students. Many of the international students, in fact, tell me that attending these events make them feel like they’re at home. They also provide good opportunities for international students to connect more with UNCP students.