STD Speaker Series 3/21 5:00 PM Dial 123
STD Speaker Series April 4 5 PM Dial 123
Dr. Lara and Dr. Berntsen attend Open House.
Dr. Lara and Dr. Berntsen attend Open House.
Dr. Vela Kennedy Assassination Presentation Oct. 24
Dr. Vela presented on the Kennedy Assassination on October 24th.
Dr. Vela's class Oct. 21
Dr. Vela's Shakespeare class visited the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, VA in October.
The Student Engagement Committee celebrated Banned Books Week on Sept. 20, 2022.

The English Program

Welcome to the English Program at the University of North Carolina Pembroke! Whether you intend to study literature, teach English, or write creatively or professionally for a living,  you can tailor our degree programs to meet your career goals! 

In our undergraduate and graduate programs, students and faculty get to know each other well. We cap undergraduate courses at 20 students so that faculty can work one-on-one with students and provide quality feedback in a timely manner. Our low student-to-faculty ratio fosters a safe learning environment and encourages large- and small-group student discussions and questions. 

Our program also offers many opportunities for students to practice what they've learned in their courses. Students publish their writing in our departmental publicationsintern at professional work sites, present at conferences, and network with peers in student organizations.