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MAT Prerequisites

MAT candidates without prior undergraduate background in English must complete the following English pre-requisites:

  1. ENG 3040 (Principles of Literary Study)
  2. ENG 2050 (World Literature Before 1660) or ENG 2060 (World Literature After 1660)
  3. ENG 2230 (American Literature Before 1865)or ENG 2240 (American Literature After 1865)
  4. ENG 2470 (British Literature Before 1790) or ENG 2480 (British Literature After 1790)
  5. ENG 3710 (English Grammar) or ENG 3460 (Aspects of the English Language)
  6. At least one 3000 or 4000 level literature course

The above courses

  1. Will be completed before enrolling in EED or graduate ENG classes.
  2. May be taken concurrent with enrollment in EDN courses or ENG 5000.

Candidates for admission with very few undergraduate courses in English are encouraged to take some prerequisite courses prior to application for admission.