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Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Students

1. What are considered disabilities at UNCP? 

The broad categories of disabilities include learning, physical, chronic health, psychological, visual or hearing disabilities. If you have an impairment in one of these areas contact ARC to register for academic accommodations.

2. Will my IEP/504 plan move with me to UNCP? 

K12 schools follow the guidelines of IDEA and section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, subpart D, whereas higher education is regulated by ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, subpart E. Your IEP or 504 plan will not be sent to any college or university unless you send it. You must register with Accessibility Resource Center in order to register and obtain academic accommodations.

3. How do I register with ARC? 

Once you are accepted to UNCP you may contact ARC at 910.521.6695 or here or you can stop by the DF Lowry Building, Room 107. A packet will be given to you or sent through the mail which includes an intake form, documentation guidelines and the instructions for your Current Impact Statement. Once your information is complete your file will be given to the Documentation Review Committee to review.

4. If I register with ARC will it show on my transcript? 

Your file and documentation are kept in ARC and are separate to your educational file. No notation is placed on your transcript.

5. What accommodations can I have? 

All academic accommodations are determined by the Documentation Review Committee. Determinations are made based upon your specific disability, your documentation and your needs as outlined in your Current Impact Statement.

6. I don’t want to register with ARC because I don’t want anyone to know about my disability. What can I do? 

The services at ARC are confidential and the staff makes every effort to ensure your privacy. If you have questions about confidentiality contact the Accessibility Resource Center, located in the DF Lowry Building, Room 107; or call us at 910.521.6695.

7. I had academic accommodations in high school but I don’t think I need them in college. 

Although the choice is ultimately yours, we recommend applying for services and utilizing the accommodations you qualify for in order for course material to be fully accessible to you. If you choose not to apply or you opt not to implement the accommodations you qualified for, be aware that, should you change your mind, your accommodations are not retroactive. In other words, we cannot ask your professors to let you “re-do” course material such as tests or assignments.

8. I have specific housing needs. Who do I contact? 

Contact ARC as soon as possible so that we can send you a Housing Application form along with your Intake Packet through which you identify your specific housing needs. The Documentation Review Committee will meet on your application and notify both you and the Housing and Residence Life Office of your accommodation. You will still need to contact the Housing and Residence Life Office in order to secure a room with a deposit. We recommend you submit your housing request early since housing is granted on a first-come-first-serve basis.

9. I was in an accident and broke my arm/leg. What can I do?

Contact ARC as soon as possible because you may be eligible for temporary services. Please note that we do not transport any students around campus whether or not they have a disability.

10. How can I get a copy of my documentation? 

If you, your parent(s) or guardian(s) submitted your documentation to us you may fill out a request form to have a copy of your documentation made. However, if your health provider submitted the documentation we cannot release that information. You would need to contact your health provider for a copy.

11. I am pregnant. Will DSS provide accommodations? 

Although being pregnant is not in-and- of-itself a disability, there may be extenuating conditions which develop which may be covered by ADA. Contact ARC to inquire about your particular situation.

12. English is my second language. Can ARC provide accommodations? 

We understand the difficulty of learning academic material in a language other than your primary language, but this is not considered a disability under ADA. Contact the Office of International Programs to ask if they can assist you. However, if you have a documented disability you may register with ARC for academic accommodations related to your disability.

13. I need a Personal Care Attendant to help me throughout the day? Does ARC offer this service? 

Anyone requiring help with personal, daily living needs is required to arrange their own services. For more information contact ARC.