Cultural/Sensitivity Education

The overarching mission of the Multicultural Center (MCC) is to contribute to the creation of a campus environment that is robust, inclusive, and will provide a transformative multicultural experience/education. That means a university which respects and affirms the whole person.

The Office of Student Inclusion and Diversity's MCC, therefore, is a uniquely welcoming place, where one is invited to communicate across lines of culture, ethnicity, physical ability, religion, gender, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, class and etc.

Your multicultural center seeks to promote the globalization of the campus by providing a means to increase awareness about other cultures and to help people from other cultures have positive contact with the campus. The Multicultural Center strives to reach the first of these goals by providing special events, exhibits and workshops that provide a glimpse of understanding into other cultures. In order to meet the second goal, the center serves as a resource for all UNCP students, faculty, and staff.

When you visit the MCC, we invite you to take a few moments and experience the various cultural artifacts on display.

Culture/Heritage Themed Programming

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