About Us

Campus Engagement and Leadership is committed to Changing Lives Through Education by realizing the Division of Student Affairs Mission goals of empowering students to succeed, facilitating active learning, developing cultural appreciation, promoting responsible citizenship, and ensuring a robust campus experience for student engagement.


Campus Engagement and Leadership’s vision is to foster an exciting, innovative, inclusive, and student-centered environment for student engagement resulting in regional and professional recognition for UNC Pembroke. 


Campus Engagement and Leadership’s mission is to provide meaningful co- and extra-curricular developmental and educational opportunities for students in a values-based and student-centered environment.

We will achieve our mission by:

  • Engaging students with appropriately designed opportunities to develop their leadership capacity;
  • Cultivating peer to peer connections that foster a sense of belonging and institutional affinity;
  • Providing an opportunity for membership in organizations committed to values-based leadership; and,
  • Involving students in the planning and implementation of co- and extra-curricular activities.


Connect to opportunities

Getting connected means identifying your interests and matching them with a multitude of opportunities at UNC Pembroke.  Campus Engagement and Leadership encourages students to connect with students, faculty, staff, the campus community, and beyond.

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Engage in exploration

Being engaged means celebrating the culture of campus through personal and group exploration.  Engaged students never stop learning, and they understand their personal responsibility to the campus community.

Lead your community

Leading means working with others in a supportive community to create positive change.  Leadership at UNC Pembroke is about creating a legacy that will leave both the campus and the community better than you found it.