AIG Add-On

Academically and Intellectually Gifted (AIG) 

Program Overview

The Academically and Intellectually Gifted (AIG) licensure program at UNCP will prepare candidates to teach students with academic and/or intellectual gifts in the K-12 environment. Completers are eligible for the add-on AIG license. The program's focus is designed to provide candidates with the latest knowledge of theory and practice and to prepare highly trained teachers to utilize these theories and practices in working with AIG students.

Program Goals and Objectives

The goal of the AIG Program is to prepare effective and qualified professionals who provide research-validated instruction and behavior supports students identified as AIG. The following are the objectives for the undergraduate AIG Program.

  • the ability to articulate a defensible rationale for gifted education;
  • an awareness of the historical foundations of gifted education;
  • an understanding of the characteristics and needs of the gifted;
  • an understanding of the influence of family, community, and culture on the identification of and service for diverse gifted students;
  • an awareness of service delivery options for gifted students;
  • a clear understanding of federal, state, and local laws and guidelines for gifted education;
  • the ability to plan, implement, and evaluate learning experiences for gifted students;
  • the ability to appropriately manage the learning environment for gifted students;
  • an understanding of program design/program evaluation in gifted education; and
  • the ability to serve as an advocate in support of gifted education.

Course Requirements

Course Number Course Title Semester Hours

SED 3050

Introduction to Gifted Education (prereq for all courses)


SED 4830

Methods and Models of Gifted Education


SED 4060

Differentiating Instruction for the Gifted


SED 4840

Trends and Issues in Gifted Education/Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Students


Levels Offered

Initial Licensure Add-On Undergraduate Program:

The AIG Program will offer an add-on initial license at the undergraduate level. This four-course (Twelve credit hours as stipulated by state standards for AIG Programs) licensure program may be taken as an add-on licensure post-baccalaureate undergraduate program. Candidates who hold a current North Carolina are eligible for the program. Application to Teacher Education Program and a Plan of Study is required to participate in Add-On Licensure. 

Applicants will need to fill out the forms below including official college/university transcripts and return all to Dr. Karen Granger, School of Education, PO Box 1510, Pembroke, NC 28372:

For new UNC Pembroke applicants:

Submit an undergraduate application online at You will need to complete the undergraduate licensure application selecting AIG Add-On for the major, submit four year degree transcript, pay the fee, and complete the NC Residency Determination (RDS). 

For returning UNC Pembroke applicants:

Submit an undergraduate readmission application online at indicating licensure and selecting AIG Add-On for the major.  You will need to pay the fee and complete the NC Residency Determination (RDS).