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Degree Programs

The Department offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, minors in General Psychology and Personnel and Organizational Leadership and an academic concentration in Psychology.

Requirements for Degree Program

The following links are from the UNCP Academic Course Catalog


Psychology Minor

Many majors may benefit from a minor in psychology, including, but not limited to:

  • anthropology
  • biology
  • business and marketing
  • sociology
  • kinesiology
  • education
  • nursing
  • social work
  • communication
  • counseling
  • pre-law or pre-med


18 semester hours in psychology (of which at least 6 hours must be taken at the 3000‑level or higher).

These must include:

  • PSY 1010
  • One course from each of the following areas: Experimental/Cognitive, Social/Personality, and Developmental/Clinical/Cognitive
  • Six credits of directed electives

Some Examples:

For Sociology: We recommend a focus on social psychology with some cognitive psychology, including courses such as PSY 2160, 3750, and 3120. All focus on topics that relate individual psychology to social context.

Education: We recommend a focus on cognitive and developmental psychology, including courses such as 2150, 3120, 2050, and 3050.

For Business and Marketing: We recommend a focus on social psychology and cognitive psychology, including courses such as PSY 2160, 2700, 3160, 3750, and 3120. These classes tie to social and cognitive approaches to understanding behavior.

For Counseling: We recommend a focus on clinical and social psychology, including courses such as PSY 2050, 3050, 2160, 2600, 3750, 4030, and 4170. These give a foundation in human variation and mental illness.



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