CHSP Testimonials from Participants

CHSP Testimonials

CHSP has given me a lot of exposure to patient care and has shown me how to provide excellent care. It has also given me the opportunity to shadow anesthesia providers and showed me it is an excellent career that I’d love to be a part of. I’d encourage anyone to participate in the CHSP internship. You’d be happy you did!

Ayed Abudayya-2023


CHSP has been an incredible experience, that I wouldn’t trade for the world. It opened my eyes to what field I would enjoy as a clinician, but it also gave me the opportunity to see what field I thought I would enjoy was maybe not the right fit for me. It certainly gave me enthusiasm and desire to become the best future clinician I can be to serve my community with the best health care possible.

Alexis Little-2023


The CHSP summer program internship really provided me great insight on the field of physical therapy. It allowed me to build relationships with the staff and patients, overall improved my knowledge on health science. I’m appreciative of this experience from HCAP.”

Evan Powell-2023


CHSP has been a very exciting and rewarding program. I have had the opportunity to learn from multiple health professionals and unique patients. I finished the program feeling more confident about my professional and patient interaction skills. I recommend CHSP to anyone passionate about healthcare, or anyone questioning their passion about healthcare. CHSP provides a safe environment for learning and developing as a health care individual.

Sayeed Kabir-2023


The internship that CHSP provided me with was my first experience in a medical setting and I was very thankful for that opportunity. It was my first time interacting with patients and they all inspired me in one way or the other. The experience I got at my clinic is one I will always carry with me; it was another confirmation that I will be a great doctor one day.

Caitlin Smith-2023


This internship has allowed me to experience real clinical experience in the field of speech-language pathology. I got to shadow speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. Through this program I realized that becoming a pediatric SLP is something that I want to work towards. This program is very eye opening, and I would encourage anyone thinking about a career in healthcare to participate. "

Brooke Blackmon-2023


I have enjoyed every aspect of my CHSP internship from beginning to end. While shadowing veterinarians and technicians, I gained an in-depth understanding of what it takes to work/run a veterinary hospital. This experience will follow me into my medical career as a reminder of why I love vet medicine.

Kyra Locklear-2023


Initially, before starting this internship, my plans after undergrad was to attend PA school. I was headstrong and very confident in this career decision. However, after my experience during this internship, I changed my career plan from PA school to pursue Occupational Therapy. I decided to change because I truly saw my passion for Occupational Therapy. It was rewarding to see patients, young and old, fulfill their goals, and overcome difficult obstacles. I am beyond thankful for this summer internship. It was an extremely beneficial and educational program, especially for students in the health field. 

Abigail Lowry-2023


CHSP has been an amazing Segway to the health field if you’ve haven’t had experience before. I felt behind and incompetent compared to some of my fellow biomedical classmates that already have certifications and were getting experience. CHSP helped me get that start I needed for my patient contact hours. This program has been one of the best experiences for me at UNCP and has strengthened my love for the medical field. I had an amazing 6 weeks at the clinic I was placed at, and it was all thanks to the wonderful staff that was open to teaching me anything and everything. I recommend doing this program if you haven’t had any prior clinical experience to help you start.

Jasmin Carballido-2023


This internship was incredibly eye opening to me as a student pursuing a career in mental health counseling. Being able to a clinical experience under a licensed clinical mental health therapist showed me that this is a path I want to pursue. I would recommend anyone looking to work a career in health look into this program and its benefits. 

Ashlynn Cox-2023


“Participating in CHSP solidified my passion for medicine. I have always wanted to be a medical doctor, and shadowing Dr. Hardin-Dial for six weeks gave me this assurance. Taking care of patients and forming a personal relationship is something I look forward to doing in the next few years.”

Reece Hicks-2023


This experience has helped me learn which veterinary field I want to focus on.  My host clinic helped me learn the fundamentals of what a veterinarian does and has taught me many skills that are needed not only in the veterinary field but also in daily life.

Adyson Sisk-2023