Major Services

UNC Pembroke's Health Careers Center offers campus-based activities to identify, recruit, motivate, and strengthen academic and basic skills backgrounds of underrepresented minority and disadvantaged students for health training and professional health programs. Serving the southeast region of North Carolina, the program offers a variety of services and activities including:

  • Information on over 200 different health careers;
  • Counseling services on health career opportunities, options and financial aid resources;
  • Enrichment activities and services for minority students enrolled in pre-profession health programs;
  • Enrichment workshops, professional study guides and review materials to assist student in preparing for health professions schools admissions tests (i.e. MCAT. DAT,PCAT, etc.);
  • Seminars on admission procedures, entrance exams, curriculum requirements, and financial aid for health profession schools and graduate biomedical science programs;
  • Educational field trips to medical centers and health professions schools in North Carolina;
  • Special projects, with middle and high school, college and community groups; and
  • Sponsorship of Health Careers Club for enrolled health science majors and others interested in pursuing careers in the health profession.