CHSP Testimonials from Participants

I want to go into the medical field and become a healthcare provider. My view is not yet clear on if I will become a pediatric cardiologist or a physician assistant, but I know I will achieve my goals whatever the choice may be. I want to be able to open my own practice somewhere there is low healthcare access, and  be able to allow people to get good health care near them.
Asil Abudayeh—2018

Through my clinical internship, I have been exposed to and have learned that there is so much more to this profession and all that it has to offer.  Based on my experience this summer, I have decided that I intend to pursue a career in pharmaceuticals and hope to continue to learn even more about this ever changing and extremely important field of medicine.
Jocelyn Bullard—2018

This experience has given me a better understanding of how the clinical aspect of medicine works. I have also had the opportunity to work alongside some of the nicest people I have ever met and gained valuable experience interacting with patients. I received advice and insight into both medical school and residency after medical school from doctors.
Abigail Clark—2018

This program has been immensely helpful to me in finalizing the decision of my choice of career. During the course of this clinical internship, I have shadowed phlebotomists, nursing assistants, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, physicians’ assistants, family nurse practitioners, and other various health professionals. I have enjoyed shadowing at the clinics and it has increased my desire to work in the medical field.
Anteja Gore—2018

The best part of the internship was being able to see from another perspective other than the patient. I believe this program had a nice balance between the educational part and the clinical experience and it was rewarding in many ways. I would recommend to others especially those who have an idea of their career choice, but need or want to see what other professions.
India Johnson—2018

The physical therapists were willing to go the extra mile by teaching us everything there is to know about a day in the life of a physical therapist. Any questions that I had or any exercise I wasn’t quite familiar with, they would stop and explain why they picked the specific exercise. I just loved my clinical experience and highly recommend any college student going into the medical field to apply for this internship. I love everything about physical therapy, and the most rewarding part is being able to help a patient overcome obstacles of their injury.
Bailee Jones—2018

I have developed an immense respect for dentists because of this program. CHSP helped me realize that dentistry is not the right career for me and I have a newfound interest in health administration. My experience at the clinic site was a great opportunity for insight into a different career that I hope to soon begin pursuing a degree in public health administration.
Brent Locklear—2018

The physical therapist at this clinic trusted me and the other student workers to work with each patient one on one shows that they see something in us that makes them think we are worthy enough.  My overall experience at this outpatient clinic was amazing and very educational. It made me fall in love with becoming a physical therapist all over again.
Genna Locklear—2018

The CHSP experience was the best summer program I have ever been in. It provided me with a great opportunity to be placed in my field of interest and truly allowed the students’ career choices to be either solidified, broadened, or completely changed all together. I would recommend anybody interested in the healthcare field to participate in the program.
Kelsey Locklear—2018

Following the doctor on the pediatrics floor and watching how they bring smiles on a child’s face has helped me confirm my career as a pediatric doctor. This internship has allowed me to see that a pediatric doctor is the career I want to pursue. I definitely recommend this experience to others.
Taylor McMillan—2018

Before I started this internship, my plan after undergrad was to attend PA school, but after my experience I changed my career plan from PA school to medical school. I decided to change because I got some amazing advice from the doctors, which definitely helped me decide what I wanted to do with my career. It was a very educational program.
Evalyne Muhia—2018

The Clinical Health Summer Program has been an informative, though provoking and encouraging program. I am very grateful for the experience that it has provided. I have learned there are many sub-specialties in medicine and they all come together for the health of the patient. My experience helped me to realize I want to become a physician in internal medicine.
Lauren Oxendine—2018

The best part of the internship was shadowing my preceptor who gave me lots of valuable information that I can carry with me throughout my professional career.  This is a valuable summer educational program that allows students to experience the wide variety of health care careers and I highly recommend it to others.
Mikayla Williams—2018