Graduate Assistantships

Graduate School GAs, Amy Cox and Brittany Stokes

Above: former Graduate School GAs, Amy Cox and Brittany Stokes.

UNCP offers a number of graduate assistantships to qualified graduate students. Graduate Assistants (GAs) work 20 hours a week during the academic semester.  GAs must:

  • be formally accepted into a master’s program;
  • carry a minimum of nine (9) graduate credit hours per semester or three hours during each summer term in which they are employed. GAs in their final semester may request to take a reduced course load of six (6) semester hours;
  • have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA (continuing students);
  • agree to complete one professional development workshop/event per each semester of employment;
  • participate in the annual Graduate Research Symposium, held in early April;
  • not be otherwise employed at UNCP without permission;
  • submit all of the required employment paperwork by the specified due dates; and
  • be professional in their GAship.

Graduate Assistantship (GA) appointments:

  • may or may not be renewed;
  • may be terminated if GA fails to comply with the professional development and symposium participation requirements, as well as other academic requirements;
  • may be terminated if GA  is unprofessional or duties are not being satisfactorily performed;
  • typically begin with the first day of classes and end the last day of classes; and
  • are generally not available during the summer months.



For 2021-22, the remuneration for Graduate School-awarded GAs will be $9000 a year or $4500 a semester. In addition, The Graduate School provides tuition awards typically of around $600/semester for in-state GAs, and five out-of-state/international tuition awards of $4500 a semester, $9000 a year. Number of available GA positions is limited and these positions are generally distributed at the discretion of the hiring program director. 


To apply/search for positions:

  • Your first point of contact about GA opportunities should be your graduate program director. Tell your program director of your interest in a graduate assistantship and see if s/he has a position available. Don't procrastinate - hiring decisions are usually made in late spring or summer before the beginning of the new academic year, so the sooner you let your PD know of your interest, the better.
  • Some positions may be posted on the Career Center Brave Opportunities page. Search and apply for available positions. Contact the Career Center (910-521-6270) for assistance.

Graduate students may also apply for student worker, non-Graduate Assistant, positions for which they are eligible.


Read the Graduate Assistant Hiring Process below and general directions for Supervisors and G.A.'s.


*Email for additional information.