Study Abroad Application (Semester / Year)

Please fill out this form if you would like to study abroad for a semester or a full academic year.


Program Information

A non-refundable Study Abroad application fee will be required for each application submitted. The cost of this fee is $50.  Applications will not be considered complete until the application fee has been paid at the Cashier's Office in Lumbee Hall.

Students are responsible for the completion of their study abroad application, providing all require supporting documents, and paying their application fee and the specified program costs. And remember to apply for your passport if you don't have one!

If you have questions at any time during the study abroad process, feel free to contact the Study Abroad Coordinator for assistance by emailing or calling 910-775-4095.


Payment Information

1) Print the Study Abroad/Away Payment Slip

2) Fill it out with the trip information.

3) Take the form and your payment to the Cashier's Office at Brave Central in Lumbee Hall. 

Payments will not be accepted without a form.


Statement of Purpose

Please answer the following questions (1/2 - 1 page in length), then upload your answers at the end of the application. (The questions and answers are more for your benefit, then to be used as an evaluation tool by Study Abroad. Save these questions and answers for future reference, like when writing a cover letter for a potential job.)

1) Why have you chosen to study abroad and what do you hope to gain from the experience? Why have you chosen this specific program and location? Please include how your study abroad experience will fit into your career plans, intellectual/personal growth, and educational goals. 

2) Please discuss three ways that you think life in your host country will be similar to life in the U.S. and three ways that you think it will be different. A good essay will include examples beyond obvious differences, indicate you have researched your host country and culture, demonstrate personal reflection, and discuss how you plan to cope with these similarities and differences. 

3) Feel free to share other information that might be good for you to reflect on later. Save your answers in a separate Word document for yourself.

Your answers must be included in the same file, preferably in Word or PDF.