Offices Closed

BraveNation: UNCP offices will be closed on Wednesday, Aug. 10, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and Thursday, Aug. 11, 8 a.m.-noon. Normal operating hours resume Friday.

Fire Alarm Activation

False alarms are disruptive to the teaching and research mission of the university and contribute to a dangerous complacency in occupants, who may be slower to evacuate in an actual emergency. There are a number of safeguards that can prevent or lessen the number of false alarms.  

Per the UNC Pembroke Miscellaneous Fee Schedule, there will be a $250 fee for any negligent activity that leads to the activation of a fire alarm in any campus building.  Below are the descriptions of False Alarm Activations, this includes, but is not limited to:

  • Fire Alarm: Cause Not Found: Any alarm that a reason for activation could not be found;
  • Fire Alarm: Cooking: Negligent actions that lead to burnt food on a stove or in the microwave;
  • Fire Alarm: Deliberate: Alarm caused by means of a prank, horseplay, illegally discharging a fire extinguisher;
  • Fire Alarm: Hairstyling Tools/Products: Any product or action used during hair styling;
  • Fire Alarm: Pull Station/No Fire: Anytime the pull station is activated for no reason, prank or malfunction;
  • Fire Alarm: Steam from the Showers: Steam generated from the shower causing an activation;
  • Fire Alarm: System Malfunction: Any fire alarm system activation caused by a malfunction in the system as documented on-site, or another UNCP/Vendor performing a specific work-related function that requires the fire alarm to be part of the work;
  • Fire Alarm: Workers: Any maintenance/housekeeping/contract workers or actions caused in the activation‐ (unless the system is placed in test mode which will not be dispatched if received by communications); and
  • Fire Alarm: Dust/Mist/Fumes: Candles, Smoking, housekeeping procedures, maintenance products that generate dust, fumes or steam from machines or outdoor machines that may enter the building and cause activation.



Reduce False Fire Alarms