Bishwa Koirala, Ph.D

Bishwa Koirala, Ph.D

Bishwa Koirala, Ph.D

Professor/ Director of Assurance of Learning

James A. Thomas Hall, 207



Bishwa Koirala earned Ph.D. in 2010 from the University of New Mexico in economics with research concentration on applied econometrics in the areas of energy policy, climate impact analysis and environmental Kuznet curve meta-analysis. Dr. Koirala’s research and publications are in the areas of micro-econometrics, which mostly concentrate on applied economics and econometrics. He has served as a reviewer for several academic journals.

Dr. Koirala’ current research is on the application of hierarchical analysis, spatial econometric models, and frontier production models, in the areas of applied economics, policy analysis and non-market goods. His teaching is mainly in the area of statistics, econometrics, and applied economics, environmental and natural resources economics.

Before joining UNCP, Dr. Koirala served as a faculty of economics in the Department of Economics at Saint Louis University from fall 2010 to spring 2012.