Astrid Oviedo, PhD, RN

Astrid Oviedo

Astrid Oviedo, PhD, RN, CNE

Associate Professor

Weinstein Health Sciences Building, 329



Courses taught:

  • NUR 5320 Classroom Teaching and Integration of Technology 
  • NUR 5010 Nursing Research for Evidence-based Practice 
  • NUR 4000 Nursing Research (prelicensure and RN-to-BSN) 
  • NUR 4150 Adult Health II 
  • NUR 4120, Leadership in Nursing  
  • NUR 3150 Adult Health I  
  • NUR 3250 Pathophysiology Across the Lifespan 
  • NUR 3030 Fundamentals of Nursing  
  • NUR 2020 Critical Thinking in Nursing 


  • Oviedo, A. (2021). Mammogram adherence among Filipino American women [Advanced e-Publication]. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. 
  • Oviedo, A. (2020). Breast cancer disparities in Filipino American women: A literature review. Journal of Practical Applications and Review of Research [The official publication of the Philippine Nurses Association of America], 10(2), 24-22 
  • Oviedo, A. (2017). The doctrine of deliberate indifference: Reed vs. Krajca.  Journal of Forensic Nursing, 13(3), 147-149.  
  • Oviedo, A. (2016). Using jurisprudence to teach professional negligence.  Journal of Nursing Education, 55(12), p. 720. 


1.  UNCP's Innovation Council

2.  School of Nursing Faculty Search Committee

3.  School of Nursing Scholarship Committee