Important Updates about COVID-19

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UNCP Heroes: Wendy Chavis

Wendy Chavis

Wendy Chavis, director of Parks and Recreation, and her staff use their recreational skills to combat COVID-19. The department established Camp Robeson for kids ages 4-12 years old to help Robeson County essential employees work through this difficult time as we adjust to closing of schools and daycares throughout the county. Regina Baxley, administrative assistant, has been taking the calls for repairs and paying invoices, as needed, for the department to run efficiently. Jacqueline Gaddy-Johnson has been overseeing Camp Robeson and making sure that it operates weekly from 7:30 a.m.-5:45 p.m., along with maintenance staff assisting with the upkeep and daily responsibilities of running the camp. Assistant Director Ricky McKinnon has been overseeing all site locations and making work orders for repairs along with maintenance Supervisor William Smith. The maintenance staff which includes Shamonte Washington, Jared Locklear, Brad Locklear, Sean Locklear (program specialist), Damion Oxendine and Jimmy Lambert (part time) have been working throughout the county making sure the parks and playgrounds meet the mandated regulations by the governor. Which includes equipment being taped off and signage stating, “Park Closed.” Anthony Govan, program specialist, has been making and installing signage throughout the county for the parks. Also, repairing signage throughout the county so emergency personnel are able to locate citizens. All employees have been working hard to ensure they help Robeson County residents stay safe. Parks and Recreation staff are everyday superheroes.