UNC Pembroke's SGA earn Delegation of the Year

Taliyah Daniels, De’maurion Shelley, Jacob Alvarez, and Yamil Hernandez-Sanchez
Taliyah Daniels (left), De’Maurion Shelley, Jacob Alvarez and Yamil Hernandez Sanchez

UNC Pembroke is fulfilling its mission of fostering, promoting and cultivating student leadership. The UNC System recently recognized those concerted efforts as UNCP was awarded Delegation of the Year accolades at the UNC System Association of Student Governments meeting.

The award is bestowed annually on one institution's delegation for exemplary service to the association to recognize those whose contributions have been instrumental to the success of the association.

Members of UNCP's delegation are outgoing Student Body President Dana Hunt-Locklear, Jacob Álvarez, the ASG liaison and fellow SGA members Yamil Hernandez Sanchez, parlimentarian, De'Maurion Shelley, democratic engagement liason and newly elected SGA President Taliyah Daniels, who serves as academic affairs chair.

"The UNCP delegation has shown their dedication to ASG and the students of the UNC System by always being present and engaged," according to a statement from the UNC ASG. "Whether it is a virtual meeting or an in-person meeting, this delegation proudly represents their campus. They are not simply present; they are insightful and engaged."

The award was presented during the 50th session of the ASG held at Western Carolina University on April 23.

"This is a huge honor," Hunt-Locklear said. "On a system level, UNCP can be overlooked, but as the system's only historically American Indian-founded institution and one of the system's only Historically Minority Serving Institution (HMSI), we hold a rich heritage.

"Our delegation understood since we are a smaller school, we would have to put in double the work, and this year they understood this to its fullest extent. Throughout the year, our delegates were present to speak up for UNCP students and other students in the system," she said.