TEDxUNCPembroke set for April 20

Elizabeth Blake-Thomas

Event organizers have announced guest speakers for the second annual TEDxUNC Pembroke scheduled for April 20.


The event will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Upchurch Auditorium at James A. Thomas Hall. This year’s theme is ‘The Next Chapter in Life,’ in which a diverse group of speakers will share ideas on personal growth, self-discovery, resilience and the potential for transformation as individuals embark on new chapters in their lives.


The speakers are Elizabeth Blake-Thomas, Jeanette Bronee, Michael Clegg, Mandy DiMarzo, Ali Ingersoll, Michelle Livingston Thorstad, Alicia Smith and Brian Will.


For tickets, visit the event website or call Gordon Byrd at 910.775.4593 or email michael.byrd@uncp.edu.


TEDxUNCPembroke is an independently organized TED event that brings together thoughtful leaders, innovators and change-makers. Through powerful talks and meaningful connections, the event aims to inspire positive action and foster a community of lifelong learners.