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Students in Holmes Lab Present at State Meeting

Holmes Students at State Conference

UNCP students attended the American Society of Microbiologists state meeting at North Carolina State University on October 21st.  Accompanied by Devang Upadhyay, six students in Dr. Holmes’ Lab presented one oral presentation and two posters.

Gabby Downs presented Comparing Solid and Liquid Fermentation Processes for the Mass Production of Entomopathogenic Nematodes.

Jeison V. Mazuera presented the poster Mass Production of the Biological Control Agent Steinernema carpocapsae in Suspension Liquid Culture.

Elijah Mebens, Nicholas Chavis, Kassie Conway, Xin Dong presented the poster Isolation and Purification of Entomopathogenic Bacteria Xenorhabdus nematophila from Larval Galleria mellonella.

The students were mentored by Devang Upadhyay, Sivanadane Mandjiny, Jeff Frederick and Leonard Holmes. Presenting papers at conferences is an important part of academic professional life and UNCP students experience this firsthand.