Student in the Spotlight: Chester Batterton

English, Theatre, and Foreign Languages
Photograph of Chester Batterton

What made you decide to major in English?
I’m an English major because I love reading and examining works of literature. I did not want to go through college not fully enjoying my field of study, so I actually changed my major freshman year to English!

What’s your favorite thing about being an English major?
Being an English major exposes me to works of literature that I typically would not have encountered and teaches me about other perspectives and experiences. The faculty of the department are also all very kind and friendly!

What do you wish people outside the major understood about the field?
1. I’m not going to be a teacher – am I getting a teaching licensure? No.
2. Poetry doesn’t suck. You just have to be open-minded when reading it.

What do like to read for fun?
I love Stephen King and Carrie is my personal favorite.

Is there a book you hate to admit to NOT having read?
I was technically supposed to have read The Scarlet Letter in high school . . . let’s just say I technically didn’t read more than five pages.

How do you spend your free time (when you’re not reading, of course!)?
I spend my free time escaping reality by writing creatively! Also, naps.