The Role of Teachers and School Leaders in K-12 School Violence

Faculty Publications
School Violence
  •  Renee Lamphere, The University of North Carolina at Pembroke
  •  Kweilin Lucas, Mars Hill University


While data regarding school violence are gathered on a regular basis, noticeably missing from the literature are incidents that involve violence directed toward K-12 teachers and school leaders. The scarce evidence that does exist regarding this phenomenon suggests that this population is targeted more often than one may think, and they suffer from great harm as a result of various violent behaviors such as harassment, verbal threats and intimidation, bullying, property offenses, and physical attacks. Since very little is known about violence that is directed toward K-12 teachers and school leaders, there is a significant need for more research in this area in order to provide a more comprehensive view of school violence and to develop policies and formulate effective solutions. Addressing these issues will not only allow teachers and school leaders to perform to the best of their abilities, but school environments will be safer so that learning can take place without the interruption of violence.