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Psychology Professor's Dolphin Research Gets Noticed

Dr. Rachel Morrison
Dr. Rachel Morrison (Psychology).

The content of a recent publication by Rachel Morrison (Psychology) was selected for a New York Times video and article.  Morrison and her co-author Diana Reiss (Hunter College, City University of New York) research self-awareness in dolphins. Studying juvenile bottlenosed dolphins at the National Aquarium in Baltimore over a three year period, the researchers assessed how the dolphins interacted with their reflections in a mirror. Their work demonstrates that dolphins can recognize themselves in mirrors at earlier ages than human children or chimpanzees.  

Precocious development of self-awareness in dolphins” was published in the January issue of PLOS One.  James Gorman of the New York Times produced a ScienceTake video “Dolphins Mug for the Camera in Awareness Test” and a related New York Times article “Dolphins Show Self-Recognition Earlier than Children” based upon their research.

Health Day: News for Healthier Living also covered their findings.