Dr. Erika Young featured in Bob & Sheri podcast

Dr. Erika Young
Dr. Erika Young was featured in podcast "Cicadas, Shrimp and Lobsters"

Biology professor Dr. Erika Young is fascinated by the natural world, and her research interests vary from flashy dragonflies and damselflies that dart about the surfaces of lakes, bogs and ponds, to the tiny interstitial animals (meiofauna) that dwell among oyster reefs.  Perhaps, it was her interest in dazzling dragonflies that captured the attention of radio hosts Bob & Sheri (Q98.1).  Young was featured in their podcast, "Cicadas, Shrimp and Lobsters," which aired on June 21st. 

Did you know that insects, lobsters, and shrimp are all related, and did you know that people in many nations commonly eat insects, an important source of protein?  But even in America where insects are not part of our daily cuisine, tiny insect parts are common in our food.  Take a listen on Spotify to hear what Young has to say about insects in our diet!