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HEALTH Passport

About the HEALTH Passport Program

UNCP’s HEALTH Passport program encourages participation in on-campus health-related activities.  Participants receive a stamp in their HEALTH Passport each time they attend a qualifying activity.  Once the goal of six stamps is reached, the participant receives recognition and a prize.  The Fall 2015 program will run October 5 - November 13!

Guidelines for Participation

Participants may start the HEALTH Passport program any time throughout the semester by picking up a passport at the Campus Recreation office.  HEALTH Passport participation tracking ends just before the end of each semester (fall and spring) of the academic calendar.  Stamps do not carry over semesters.

You must take your HEALTH Passport book to qualifying healthy activities to verify attendance. There will be someone present to stamp the passport. Please note that if you do not have your passport you will not receive credit for attending.  Passports will be stamped after the activity has been completed. 

Qualifying activities are listed below. In addition, activities may be added by the HEALTH Committee throughout the year and will be announced via the Campus Events listserv and our Programs web page.

Participation in the activities listed below will earn a stamp in your passport book.  The limit for the number of stamps that can be earned for each type of activity is listed to the right.

  • Hawk Walk (HEALTH-sponsored group only) - Limit of 2 stamps 
  • Campbell Wellness Center Individual Workout - Limit of 2 stamps
  • Lunch and Learn Seminar* - Limit of 2 stamps
  • Campus Recreation Class* - Limit of 2 stamps
  • HEALTH Sponsored Fitness Class* - Limit of 2 stamps
  • Bowling - Limit of 1 stamp

 *Seminars and classes will be announced throughout the semester.  They include such topics as stress-management, nutrition, Zumba, kettle bell workouts, Boot Camp, and yoga.  If you have a question about whether an activity will count, please contact a member of the HEALTH Committee.  Their names can be found on our Committee web page.