Audition Requirements

Audition Requirements for Entering Freshmen and Transfer Students

Voice (other than Musical Theatre):
Sing two songs from memory with piano accompaniment:
Selection 1 may be anything that shows off your voice to its fullest. This could be a popular song, a song from a Broadway show, a sacred selection, etc. Selection 2 should be from the standard repertoire for voice. We strongly recommend the inclusion of one song in a foreign language. 

Suggested collections include 1) The First Book of Baritone (or Soprano, etc.); 2) The Young Singer, Tenor (or Bass ) Songs (Boosey & Hawkes); Expressive Singing Song Anthology; 24 Classic Italian Songs; Fifty Selected Songs; etc.

Sightreading will be required of vocal students who are requesting a music scholarship.

Students interested in vocal studies may call 910-521-6290 or email Dr. Jaeyoon Kim for suggestions of songs or other appropriate audition materials.

Voice - Musical Theatre:
Perform two pieces from memory:
First selection should be from the Broadway repertoire.
Second selection can be either Broadway or classical.

Also perform a monologue one minute in length.

There is no dance call for acceptance into the program.

Students interested in Musical Theatre may call 910-521-6881 or email Nathan Thomas for suggestions of songs or choice of material.

Keyboard (Piano or Organ) Requirements:
• Perform two selections of contrasting styles, preferably by memory for pianists.
• Play major scales, hands together, two octaves.
• Sight read a short selection.

Wind (Woodwind and Brass) Requirements:
• Play a selection from the standard repertoire for your instrument. The use of accompaniment is encouraged but not required.
• Play major scales and arpeggios (number of octaves determined by instrument).
• Sight read a short selection.

Guitar Requirements:
• Play two selections from the standard repertoire for your instrument.
• Play major scales.
• Sight read a short selection.

Bowed String Requirements:
• Play one selection from the standard repertoire for your instrument.
• Play one major scale and the corresponding arpeggio.
• Sight read a short selection.

Percussion Requirements:
All students wishing to major in music with a percussion emphasis, or to perform with the UNCP Percussion Ensemble must audition on snare drum, mallets, and timpani. Suggested repertoire is as follows:

Snare Drum:

  • 1 concert solo or etude (Cirone, Delecluse, Lepak, Firth, etc.)
  • Play a concert style roll which crescendos from piano to fortissimo, and decrescendos back to piano over one minute.
  • Optional: Rudimental Solo (Pratt, Wilcoxon, etc.)


  • 1 two-mallet solo or etude (ragtime solos, all state etudes, etc.)
  • Major scales and arpeggios 
  • Optional: Four-mallet solo (Peters, Smadbeck, Rife, etc.)


  • 1 solo or etude (Firth, Goodman, Hinger, Beck, etc.)
  • Tuning and pitch matching will be tested.

Optional Areas:

  • Drum set
  • World Percussion
  • Mallet Improvisation

Keyboard and snare drum sight reading will be required of all who audition.

If you have any questions or concerns about your repertoire please contact Dr. Joseph Van Hassel.


Students in either of the BA degrees may choose drumset as their principal instrument. There will be sightreading of both drumset charts and snare drum music on the audition.

1. Rock/Funk Style

2. Slow and Fast 4/4 Swing

3. Swing/Blues in an AABA Form, with contrast at the bridge

4. Additional Styles of the student's choice (Bossa Nova, Samba, etc.)

5. Snare Drum Rudiments (from the 26 Original Rudiments)