Faculty Research & Contact Information

Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, & Data Analytics

Dr. Haitao Zhao’s research interests focus on Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics. He is interested in developing and applying Machine Learning algorithms to the interdisciplinary fields to mine interesting patterns from data. Currently, he participates in the project of the rapid thrombogenesis prediction in the carotid artery with Corvid Technologies.

Cryptography, Authentication, & CPS Security (IoMT and IoV)

Dr. Prashanth BusiReddyGari’s research focus is on applied cryptography and security analysis of cyber-physical systems (CPS). His interests comprise the broad area of systems security, Internet of Things (IoT), networks, cloud and 5G infrastructure, and blockchain technology. Some of his current research projects are: 1) Lightweight Stream Cipher Design, 2) Key Assignment Schemes using Authenticated Fully Homomorphic Encryption, 3) Hashing Modes of Arbitrary Functions, and 4) IoV security Analysis.

Databases, Data Mining, & Data Visualization

Dr. Xin Zhang's research interests include Knowledge Discovery in Databases,  Complex Medical Data Mining, Web Intelligence, Data Visualization, and Music Information Retrieval. Her research has been published in journals and books including Journal of Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Assisted Mechanics and Engineering Sciences Journal, Fundamenta Informaticae Journal, Intelligent Information Systems, Data Mining and Medical Knowledge Management: Cases and Applications, and Encyclopedia of Data Warehousing and Mining. Her research has been presented at international conferences including IEEE/ICDM/MCD, IEEE CS/MUE, IEEE/WIC/ACM, IEEE GrC, ECML/PKDD/MCD, ISMIS, and RSEISP. Her recent work funded by NSF (subcontract) focuses on a data visualization application of GeoScience data.

Self-driving Network Security & CPS Security (IoT-Cloud and IoV)

Dr. Ali Tosun’s research is on systems in general with a focus on network security. He has research experience in databases, multimedia systems, storage systems, networking, and security. His current research directions include security of Internet-of-Things devices in IoT-Cloud and IoT-Edge-Cloud models, security of self-driving networks that aims to automate networking tasks, and secure edge computing using containers for IoT devices. He is currently PI of an NSF grant to teach Secure Self-driving Networks course to undergraduate students.

Privacy and Fairness in Machine Learning

Dr. Selvarajah Mohanarajah's research focuses on Fairness and Privacy in ML Systems, Container-Based Learning Objects, and Fix-and-Play games for teaching first programming language. As ML technologies become more pervasive in society, the need for reliable, secure, and unbiased ML models becomes critical. His research explores the interconnections between privacy and fairness in Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. Mohanarajah's research has been published in several journals and conference proceedings such as ACM-SIGCSE, AIED, and ITS. Currently, he is leading a research project funded by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).