Letter of Welcome

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Dear new and prospective graduate students,

Welcome to our program. Whether you are here for a Master of Arts in English Education, a Master of Arts in Teaching with English Specialization, or just a few courses to test the waters, we are pleased that you have chosen to join us.

While many students start our program simply for the purpose of improving their job qualifications, students invariably discover that graduate school is about more than a credential (though added credentials are certainly a good thing). Undertaken with the right spirit, graduate work in English is about joining a larger community of professionals, all committed to the understanding of language, literature, culture, and their myriad intersections. Our students can go in many different directions within the larger discipline of English, including linguistics, literacy studies, a wide variety of literatures, writing, rhetoric, and the study of cultures.

You will find your graduate study challenging, and in the process of rising to that challenge you will discover the rewards of scholarly exploration, intellectual growth, and increased expertise in your field. Whether or not your course of study leads to teacher licensure, you will join an intellectual community that we hope you will never leave.


Roger A. Ladd
Director, Graduate Program in English Education