There are several things to remember about the advising process for graduate students in English Education:

  • Dr. Roger A. Ladd advises all English graduate students, MA or MAT. He can be reached at, 910.521.6624, or in Dial 121. Email is generally the best way to reach Dr. Ladd.
  • Remember to consult with Dr. Ladd every semester to receive your PIN for registration.
  • Core courses are available on a two-year rotation. Always check the schedule to see whether you should prepare for an upcoming core course.
  • Please do not wait for the last minute to register for courses, especially summer courses. Faculty need to have some idea of upcoming enrollment to be able to plan appropriate class activities, and courses may be cancelled if they appear to be underenrolled.
  • Be very careful with your limited number of withdrawals.
  • MA and MAT programs are periodically revised, as are individual courses. Be sure to keep track of which catalog is listed for you in Braveweb, and to consult the correct course of study. It is possible to change to a later catalog, should program changes appeal to you.
  • Note that a full-time load is two or three courses per semester, and a part-time load is one or two courses per semester.
  • In rare cases, it is possible to petition to have a one-person graduate-level section created to go along with our undergraduate Senior Seminar (ENGS 4xxx). There are no guarantees that such a petition will be granted, but the requirements to be able to ask are:
    • the graduate student requires a third course to retain his/her status as a full-time student, or
    • the graduate student has taken all course offerings available during a given semester, or
    • the graduate student presents another compelling reason for enrolling in a 4000 literature seminar to the Graduate Director.
    • Generally speaking, such requests are unlikely to be granted if the graduate student could otherwise enroll in a course that it already offered.
  • MA candidates can transfer one elective course into their course of study from another program on campus. See the form below for details.
  • MA and MAT candidates can transfer a few courses into their program from other universities; if you have taken them previously to your enrollment here, you must process the transfer request in your first semester in our program (the form is available here). If you choose to take a course at another university with the intention of transferring it into our program while you are here, be sure to seek pre-approval with Dr. Ladd and the ETFL Graduate Committee before you begin the course.
  • Minimum time to completion is two years; you have a five-year time limit before you have to appeal for an extension.