Japanese Prints

Japanese Prints

January 11-27, 2023

Reception: Wednesday, January 25, 12:30-1:30 p.m.


Great Red Lantern

The A.D. Gallery is proud to present  19th and 20th Century Japanese prints on loan from two private collections.  This exhibition features 37 master-examples of work from the Ukiyo-e, Shin-hanga, Sōsaku-hanga, Senso-e movements as well as examples of Manga and Newspaper illustrations from the Tokyo Daily Newspaper, ca.1880.  

Featured Japanese Movements

1. Ukiyo-e “Pictures of the Floating World”, (Produced in a Collaborative Work Shop) 1603 – 1867 

CA. Favorite subjects of Ukiyo-e were famous actors from the Kabuki and Noh theaters. Sumo 

wrestlers and portraits of celebrated courtesans were very popular. Tokugawa Period.

2. Shin-hanga  “New Prints”, 1915 – Present. (Produced in a Collaborative Work Shop. Printed like 

Ukiyo-e) working in an intense period of modernization and Westernization many Shin- Hanga artists 

created works that evoked nostalgia for a pre- modern Japan.

3. Sōsaku-hanga “Creative Print”, 1904-present. Unlike Ukiyo-e, Sōsaku-hanga draws heavily from the 

European avant-garde, the artist was involved in every aspect of production. The drawing, the 

carving and printing was done by the artist. The prints were usually signed or stamped and the 

edition numbered.

4. Manga (Books and Folios) Books showing the correct manner of drawing plants, flowers and various 

domestic or wild animals and birds.

5. Senso-e “war Prints”, Sino-Japanese war (1894-1895). Or Russo- Japanese war,(1900s Printed like 

Ukiyo-e in a Collaborative studio.

6. Newspaper illustrations from the Tokyo Daily Newspaper Ca, 1880. Printed like Ukiyo-e in a 

Collaborative studio.