Listed below are policies to which students in the UNCP RISE program must adhere and follow. 

UNCP-RISE scholars shall:

  • Maintain high standards of academic honesty and integrity, both in the classroom and in the laboratory.

  • Obtain at least a 3.0 GPA in all semesters subsequent to joining the program.

  • Contact program staff immediately if having trouble academically!

  • Maintain full time status (at least 12 hrs) throughout the semester.

  • Obtain approval from Program Director before withdrawing from courses.

  • Put forth sufficient time* and effort in the laboratory to make adequate research progress.

  • Design experiments, analyze data, and create publications, abstracts, posters and oral presentations.

  • Present research results at one scientific conference per year.

  • Attend all the RISE activities including but not limited to seminars, informal lunches, meetings with the program’s external evaluator.

  • Participate in program evaluation efforts that will be ongoing throughout the academic year, summer and graduation.

  • Maintain detailed log of hours spent in the laboratory, supplemental instruction, study halls, and program activities attended, etc.

  • Notify program staff and the research mentor if considering withdrawal from the program.

* Full time during the summer (40 hours per week), part time during the summer (20 hours per week), and part time over the academic year (15 hours per week).

  • RISE Fellows at all levels are required to take one science or science related course per semester.  

  • Students at the junior and senior level are expected to:

    - attend a workshop for GRE (Graduate Record Examination) preparation, to be followed by completion of the exam.

    - apply to at least three Ph.D., M.S. (non-professional), Post-baccalaureate /Ph.D. programs.

  • RISE Fellows who are not graduating in the Spring are required to apply to at least three summer internships. (Students are expected to spend at least one summer at off-campus research programs.)

  • All RISE fellows are required to assist the program staff by fully participating in the evaluation process during their time spent on campus and in subsequent professional life.

Student progress will be monitored throughout the academic year and evaluated annually. Should a student fail to meet the above standards, depending on the seriousness of the problem, the UNCP-RISE program may release the student from the program or allow the student to remain in the program on a short term probationary status while efforts at compliance are made.