Project Details

The UNCP Biodiesel Research Project is funded by a Congressional Appropriation for the Biomass Program of the US Department of Energy.

UNCP Biofuels is partnered with NC-A&T University whose faculty are working to produce and screen novel solid phase catalysts for biodiesel production.

The over-arching goal of the UNCP Biofuels Project is to make it possible for farmers in Southeastern North Carolina to grow crops from which they can produce fuel for their farm equipment, saving them money and increasing their energy independence.

The objectives of this 3-year project including

  • development and screening of both homogeneous and heterogenous catalyst for biodiesel production,
  • reaction optimatization and
  • proto-type reactor design.

In addition, a complete economic analysis of the financial input and outputs of biodiesel production from oil is being carried out by a UNCP faculty member.