Tommy Hawk

University College

The University College serves as the portal for all first-year and most transfer students who enter the university and begin exploring the myriad opportunities afforded at UNCP. The purpose of University College is to ease the transition from high school to college by providing the resources and support networks necessary for “making sophomores out of freshmen”. Students are placed into metamajors based on their chosen major, taught by UC-designated faculty who have shown a willingness and aptitude for working with first-year students, and advised by professional advisors.  

The University College is led by the  Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of the University College Dr. Derek Oxendine. The following units report to Dr. Oxendine: Center for Student Success, University Writing Center, Brave Central, TRIO, and Transfer and Commuter Center. These offices work closely with the schools and colleges, academic departments, and other support units throughout the campus to help students persist in their first year. One of the most important metrics for the success of the University College is an increased retention rate for first-time, full-time freshmen.  

The following documents represent some of the work that has gone into the organization and establishment of the University College.