Something has happened: Who can I talk to?

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Sexual violence can be a traumatic experience for anyone. Whether or not you report the incident to the Title IX coordinator & Clery Compliance Officer and/or Police and Public Safety, we encourage you to speak with someone. Below are some resources:


Confidential Resources:

Offices, people, and organizations available on and off campus who are trained to support, but are not required to report to the university or law enforcement (unless the person reporting is in danger of harming self or others)

  • Counsel and Psychological Services (CAPS):  910.521.6202
    • CAPS’ services are available free of charge to all students.  They reserve appointments for emergency situations.
  • Student Health Services: 910.521.6219


Non-Confidential resources:

A trusted university faculty member, staff member, and coach, as well as student Resident Assistants (RA) and Community Directors (CD) are good resources to speak with. However, per Title IX and Clery Act regulations and UNC Pembroke policy, these employees are required to report all instances of gender-based discrimination, gender-based harassment, and sexual violence to the Title IX coordinator & Clery Compliance Officer.

However, even after a report to the Title IX coordinator & Clery Compliance Office, and in most cases, it is up to the Reporting Party if the university will pursue the report. For more information about the university’s process to investigate and adjudicate cases, please see the Student Sexual Misconduct Policy and Student Sexual Misconduct Regulation.

  • Office of Title IX & Clery Compliance (Title IX Coordinator & Clery Compliance Officer): 910.521.6281
  • UNCP Police & Public Safety: 910.521.6235


University provided support and protections:

The university can provide protections, like mutual no-contact orders, and accommodations in academics, housing, dining, etc. For more information about supportive measures, please call the Title IX Coordinator.


Community Resources:

There are several organizations in the surrounding communities who can provide confidential help.  More specific information can be found on the Resources section of the website.  For Robeson County:

  • Rape Crisis Center of Robeson County: 910.739.6278
  • Southeastern Family Violence Center: 800.742.7794