Leaving Home, Building Community

Images of Native people in the triad

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The Museum of the Southeast American Indian is honored to present Leaving Home, Building Community. This exhibit shares the lived experience of North Carolina's Native peoples who moved to the Triad area of North Carolina to create new lives and forge new communities that are both distinct and maintain strong ties to homelands.

Guilford Native American Association is an urban American Indian organization located in the Guilford County area. Guilford Native was incorporated in 1975 and has since served as a community organization providing services and resources for American Indians of all tribes living in the Guilford County/Triad area. Guilford Native is one of four urban organizations recognized by the North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs as representatives of the American Indians residing in major urban areas of the state. Guilford Native currently serves over 5,000 American Indians living in Guilford and the surrounding counties. Guilford Native was the first urban American Indian Organization created in North Carolina.