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Museum Exhibits

Permanent Exhibits 

The permanent exhibit features a rare 1,100-year-old dugout canoe that illustrates American Indian ingenuity. An 18th century log cabin takes visitors to an era when the American Indian life was sustained through agriculture. Disciver the history of UNCP, the only school in the United States that was created for American Indians.
MSAI Exhibit Space
Historic Dugout Yellow Pine Canoe
Historic Dugout Yellow Pine Canoe

Learn more about the our Historic Dugout Yellow Pine Canoe

Battle of Hayes Pond: Routing of the KKK
Battle of Hayes Pond: Routing of the KKK

Learn about the victorious  for the Lumbee community in 1958 that made international news. 

Pinecone Patchwork Quilt
Pinecone Patchwork Quilt

Discover the story behind the Lumbee Pinecone Patchwork Quilt. 

Visiting Exhibition

VISUAL VOICES: Contemporary Chickasaw Art touring exhibition is moving and passionate, surprising in its modernity, but ancient at its core. Nearly sixty artworks of present-day Chickasaw painters, potters, sculptors, metalsmiths and weavers convey a beautiful and compelling contemporary visual story.

From oil and watercolor to textiles and metals, glass, bronze and other materials, the artworks of fifteen featured Chickasaw artists in this exhibition are unique, intrinsically Southeast in design and distinctive among today’s contemporary tribal artists. They are rising contemporary voices on an aesthetic landscape of twenty-first century American Indian art.

VISUAL VOICES offers abstract, experimental, celebratory, mysterious, thought provoking or critical works confirming a strong continuation of contemporary Chickasaw art practices.
Visual Voices