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Retirees Recognition Program

Human Resources Policy HR 07 01 Revised 12/1/07

A. Purpose:  To establish a program to recognize and express appreciation to UNCP retirees.

B. Scope:  Permanent full-time employees retiring from UNCP with 5 or more years of service.

C. Policy:  Employees who begin retirement during the current fiscal year will be recognized in the spring at an annual retiree event.  Employees who have worked at UNCP for 5 or more years of service will receive a certificate of appreciation from the Chancellor.  Employees who have worked at UNCP for 10 years or more will receive a personalized gift of an arm or rocking chair, or lamp.

In addition, each retiree is eligible to receive the following benefits:

  • University Retiree ID Card to continue to enjoy campus benefits (discount event tickets, use of Jones PE Fitness Center facilities during free access periods, Livermore Library, etc.).
  • Free parking pass.  
  • Certificate for a current yearbook in the year of retirement only.

D. Responsibilities The Chancellor and Vice Chancellors are responsible for determining overall priorities concerning funding for recognition programs and ensuring that this program is conducted in a fair and consistent manner.  The continuation of this program is subject to the availability of funds.

Financial Managers, in consultation with Human Resources, are responsible for communicating Retiree Recognition Program to employees by ensuring employees attendance at related HR policy training. 

Permanent Full-Time Employees who are considering retirement in the current fiscal year must notify Human Resources no later than January 31 to be eligible to participate in the current year’s annual retiree event. 

The Director of Human Resources/EEO/AA Officer is responsible for ensuring that the program is administered on a non-discriminatory basis and all necessary components are in place for an effective program.  Additionally, Human Resources will send a notification about the program to all employees in December each year.  

The Retiree Planning Committee has responsibility for the administration of this program.  Committee representatives include a member from each of the following areas: Academic Affairs, Chancellor’s Office, Human Resources, Staff Council (annual appointment), and University & Community Relations.